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A web-based email product that provides unlimited addresses for multiple domains using just a single POP account per domain. Add your own advertising banners to promote your services.

  • $249

This is a fully featured mail program with folders, attachments, online file storage, contacts, and more. Commercial version features search capabilities, multiple account support and an easy installation script.

  • Free
  • $45
  • $500

Receive and send email from any email accounts using your browser. Features include read, compose, send, reply, forward, and delete emails, attachment support, address book, spam filter, and WYSIWYG message editing.

  • Free
  • $99

A complete web based email script. Full featured but simple and easy to install.

  • Free

@Mail allows users to send and receive emails via a webbrowser or wireless mobile-phone. The system allows users to sign-up for a new email account and have instant access to their Inbox, or read existing email-accounts via the POP3 protocol. Includes a web admin, SQL mailbox support, IMAP support, group address book, schedular, Migration scripts, and more.

  • $250+

EMUmail is a CGI program that runs well on all popular web servers. It allows users to access their POP3/IMAP email at any time and from anywhere, using only a web browser. EMUmail is completely customizable in the commercial verison.

  • Free

This script allows you to give free email addresses using a single catchall POP3 mailbox. Includes quotas, undeliverable messages, aliases and more.

  • $49

Complete web mail program that supports MIME attachments, multiple users and sendmail. Checks any POP3 mailbox and uses no cookies. Easy to modify.

  • Free

A complete browser-based POP email management suite with powerful Bayesian spam filters. Easy to teach email filters simply "learn" from you as you sort your email. It's wide range of features include: compose and send email and attachments, thumbnail previews of incoming image attachments, expiring passwords, email pager and more.

  • $100

Designed to mirror large scale online email providers, the program supports multiple folders, address book, signatures, filters, bulk email filter, POP 3 compliance, and other key features. Design and layout of pages is completely customizable.

  • $599

Check your mail directly from your server easily. If you are a webhost, allow your clients to check their email from the server.

  • $150

BrowserExpress is a POP3/SMTP email client that is implemented as a CGI program on a web server. BrowserExpress can be thought of as a POP3 mailbox viewer, in that the messages that you see when you log in are the messages that are actually currently present on your POP3 server. BrowserExpress also provides users with the ability to send text messages and binary attachments.

  • Free
  • $60
  • $150

A very thin client for accessing your pop mail through the web browser.

  • Free

This script allows users to login to a standard POP3/IMAP account and send/receive encrypted emails. It uses OpenPGP to encrypt messages and can sign outgoing messages so the recipient can verify the authenticity of an email. It includes an interface to manage user mail, an address book, scheduler and more.

  • $250

A self-contained, simple web-based email-like system that does not interface with regular Internet email. Users on the system can only send messages to others on the same system, and users who do not have accounts on the system cannot send mail to those who do. Useful for private communities.

  • Free

Send email as html or text. It keeps a log of emails sent and allows for up to ten attachments.

  • Free

All the features you'd expect like attachments, folders, mail filters, signatures, and more. It integrates with any user database, includes multiple template/branding support, SQL engine, built in WAP support for cell phones and more.

  • $650

This script creates an HTML page from a template and puts your email info in it. You can view, print, delete, and respond to your emails from an admin console or the directory index page.

  • $29.95
Showing 1-18 of 18 Resources