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    Automatically respond to visitor enquiries with these scripts.
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    List Cleaning

    Clean up your mailing list by deleting duplicate entries, validating entries and more.
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ListMerge is a versatile free-to-use merge mailing script that can be used in conjunction with E-Lists or other standard address-only lists to send e-mail / newsletters etc via your browser to the addresses submitted by visitors using simple E-Lists forms. A ListMerge admin form displays all current lists created, and allows you to edit / save your header, message and signature text input to send as the body text for a selected list name - every list can have different saved texts. To reduce server load, a preset maximum number of recipients can be addressed in blocks, and to continue the session, the script will keep track of which addresses have been sent and which have not.

  • Free

Subscribe Me's big brother. No text files to edit, HTML installer/interface, unlimited lists, listimporter, cuztomizable response screens and HTML formatted e-mail, no time outs on Unix or Windows NT, "Double Opt In" option to allow your subscribers to confirm their subscription before they are added to your lists. Unique ETracking(TM) to track actual "clicks" your mailed links receive and more.

  • $149

A powerful program designed to allow hands-free maintenance while building a mailing list/prospect base! Use the ability to ban e-mail addresses and even entire domains from subscribing. Includes improved interface, option to send mail as HTML or text, one-click unsubscription link, avoidance of browser timeout, and more.

  • Free

Professional mailing list management with unlimited independent mailing lists, custom settings for each list, a subscriber database with the ability to manage subscriptions over a web panel, effectiveness tracking, HTML/text messages, individualized mailings, scheduled mailings, invitations, email scanner and importer, and more.

  • €99

This script includes automatic subscribing/unsubscribing, bad address filtering, banned addresses, message archiving, message previewing, HTML messages, confirmation of email addresses, a complete and secure web interface, and more. Includes a setup script that configures the script for you.

  • Free

Mailing list manager and newsletter script, which handles newsletter subscription and also sends out newsletters.

  • $49.55

A simple web interface which allows users to add their name and email address to a list. With the admin interface, you can send out periodic messages to everyone on your list, change your password, or delete a subscriber. This can be used for mass mailings to students in a class, updates of your website, newsletters, or other info. It has a basic password protection system, so that not just anyone can send mail to all your subscribers.

  • Free

Mail Machine includes features such as sending out messages in HTML, subscriber confirmation before addition to the list, addition information sent to administrators, subscribers being able to remove themselves, banned e-mail addresses, message archiving, and much more!

  • Free

NoMoDoMo is actually two scripts- a subscribe/unsubscribe script that is called from your pages, and a management tool. Features include: entry date/time/IP logging, duplicate entry elimination, letter editor, and list editor. Supports an unlimited number of mailing lists.

  • Free

Mailing List & News is a simple mailing list manager system with ability to send of mass newsletters to subscribers. The basic advantages of this script is that at subscribe or unsubscribe, the user remains on the same page on which there was registration. He does not leave the registration page and sees only JavaScript confirmation message.

  • Free
  • $15

Users can easily subscribe or unsubscribe by simply entering their email address. The webmasters page contains some tools only for the webmaster. Password protected admin area that shows the list of all members, allows subscribing and unsubscribing of users, and provides the option to email all users.

  • Free

Keep your website visitors informed when changes are made to a website or you have "company" announcements. Features include multiple list support, administration back-end, customizable fields for tracking users information and more...

  • $59.99

This mailing list features demographic collectors, an auto responder, duplicate email checker, newsletter archive, targeted email support, single or double Opt-in features, text or HTML formats, email reports, detailed statistics, 100,000 member support, refer-a-friend functionality, and more.

  • $99

Survey enables users to score website features 1 to 10, signup for mailing lists, add comments, view online running totals. Manager composes and sends Email to all or selected recipients.

  • Free

Mailing software that allows you to manage and automate your newsletters, customer mailing lists, back-end sale offers and more. Easy to integrate in your site. Use any form to subscribe users. Features unlimited lists, sheduled newsletters, no timeouts, unlimited attachments, unlimited templates and no size limits.

  • $54.95

MailIt! 99 allows you to send out professional looking newsletters, is easy to configure, and has absolutely no ads and more.

  • Free

This mailing list solution features subscriber defined HTML/text formats, unlimited lists, online admin, opt-ins, single-click unsubscribe links, fully customized messages, template formatting, message preview, no timeouts, message read tracking, message priority, list cleaning/editing/import, file attachments, and more.

  • $30

This script allows you to send e-mail messages to your mailing lists from a text file of email addresses. Works with a web-based form in your favorite browser. Your mailing in one click.

  • $20

A safelist script that supports Stormpay and PayPal payments. You can view a list of unverified members and send their validation message before the system deletes their account. Includes a backup/restore page, member listing page and more.

  • $24

Create and manage your group mailing list and send attachments without the use of your dialup USP mail server. MailBlaster works directly off of your server's "SendMail" program. User friendly interface through your web browser.

  • $49.95

Send HTML emails and track views. Allow visitors to subscribe to your newsletter from your website. Other features include a WYSIWYG template editor, opt-out feature and web-based administration.

  • $39.99

With GuzZzt MassMail can you send emails to a list with only one click on the send button. Very easy to setup and use.

  • Free

Mail Dispatcher is a Perl program that handles the tedious task of sending out regularly scheduled email messages. This is particularly useful for people who always have to send several email messages to multiple recipients on a regular basis, but would like to automate the routine. An example of this type of application is sending out a monthly billing statement via email. With Mail Dispatcher, the user simply enters all the information (such as Date-To-Send, Recipient, Subject, and Main Message) into a flat-file database and leave everything up to the script.

  • $30

A simple but extremely powerful script to maintain an unlimited number of mailing lists with email and mobile phone subscribers. Blast your message (HTML supported) to all of your subscribers via email and mobile text messages. You can also store additional information for each contact on your list.

  • $49.95

Provides a simple way to make newsletter/discussion list email subscribe/unsubscribe text links function as a form selection box. It works completely independent of your mailing list and is easy to install and customize.

  • Free
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