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    News and Headlines

    These scripts grab news headlines from around the net and let you use them.
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    URL Fetching

    Grab entire web pages (and use the contents in varying ways) using these.
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    Include weather and forecasts on your web site with these automated scripts.
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A self contained Amazon.com search utility. Easily setup a directory that automatically lists the millions of products sold on Amazon.com. The script will plug in your Amazon Affiliate ID so you can earn a commission on anything you help Amazon sell. It randomly displays products based off a list of key terms that you set.

  • $15.95

A simple script that grabs products from Amazon.com and displays them on your site with your affiliate code embedded. The products are randomly displayed based on a list of key terms that you supply.

  • Free

Retrieves content from the Turbo10.com search engine and displays the results in your directory pages and searchs. It offers revenue sharing on click-thrus. Requires a working copy of Hot Links Pro 2.7.1 or higher.

  • $9.95
Showing 1-3 of 3 Resources