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    Access Counters

    Display how many visitors you've had. Both text-based and graphical versions.
  • 3

    Set up banner rotations on your web page and track their statistics.
  • 2

    Schedule events on-line and/or allow users to post dated information.
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    CGI Wrappers

    Programs which run user CGI applications without compromising security.
  • 1

    Real time chat programs you can use to build a community on your web site.
  • 2

    Display the current time on your web page in an image or text-based format.
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    Collections of C and C++ CGI scripts for use in your web page.
  • 1
    Commerce and Finance

    Commerce and finance related CGI's including calculators, credit cards, etc.
  • 2
    Database Manipulation

    These programs allow for the creation, editing and manipulation of databases.
  • 1
    File Management

    These scripts allow you to manage your files and directories via the Web.
  • 5
    Form Processing

    Process basic forms and most send results through e-mail.
  • 4

    Message boards and forums to run discussions on your website.
  • 1

    Guestbooks allow visitors to your web site to sign in and leave a message.
  • 2
    HTML Extensions

    These CGI programs extend HTML by parsing additional tags.
  • 15
    Libraries and Classes

    These C and C++ libraries and classes provide basic CGI functionality.
  • 1
    Link Indexing Scripts

    Allow visitors to add links to your web site. Range from simple to complex.
  • 13
    Logging Accesses and Statistics

    Track the number of visitors to your site and log other useful information.
  • 7

    Many programs don't warrant a category of their own, so they reside here.
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    Allow visitors to your web page to send an internet postcard to someone.
  • 8

    Perform searches on web pages and sites using keywords and phrases.
  • 8
    Shopping Carts

    Set up shop on the web with these shopping cart and catalog programs.
  • 3
    Web-Based E-Mail

    These scripts supply e-mail access to users through their web browser.
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