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Unlimited sites ranking with categories support. Features include: auto user registration/update, ip-blocking, remove dead accounts, gateway, daily top50 list, weekly top50 list, stats, browse sites by category, search sites, mail all members, recommend site and more.

  • $199

A typical topsite script except that members do not have to sign up. This script will analyze all incoming hits and determine where they are coming from. It can also detect whether your visitors are legit traffic. The script will block sites loading your site in an image tag or iframe tag.

  • $100

DTP topsites works using a view to vote system. This version include auto-multipage, multiple banners/buttons, lost ID & lost HTML sections plus stats for each site. Ranks sites on their hits per day using a 5 day backlog to calcuate their average hits per day.

  • $29.95

A toplist script that is different from traditional toplists in that sites are listed in the order they are received, not by hits sent. The user signs up and is given a unique URL to place on all their webpages. If someone clicks that users unique URL, they are sent to the list and the URL from the site the referral came from is counted in.

  • $25

This script produces a table to be placed on your webpage. It shows a link to each referring URL and the number of referals it has provided.

  • Free

A toplist script with many features found in pay scripts.

  • Free

Perl and Java-based topsites script that lists the top 50 websites based on number of clicks sent in. Completely cheat proof and SEO friendly.

  • $50

This script gives you full control over almost every aspect of the top sites list. It includes automatic list resetting without the use of cron, IP logging for cheat protection, and placing of Adsense or other ad code into the script.

  • $19.95

This program ranks by incoming clicks. Includes a fully configurable layout, site images, site banners, admin menu, auto-emailing on signup, and requires MySQL.

  • $100
Showing 1-9 of 9 Resources