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SimpleSubmit allows you to list your site with nine major search engines all at the same time. Easy to install and use!

  • Free

Mega FFA Submitter is a perl script that allows you to automatically submit your url to a growing list, feeded with new free for all link pages. The biggest advantage of this script is that it allows for full control and updating of the files which contain urls for posting. The script is accompanied by data files that can submit your url successfully to over 1500 FFA sites.

  • $95

Application that recognizes search engine spiders and delivers thousands of auto-generated pages to them from keywords you supply.

  • $159.95

This script allows you to submit to 140 major search engines and directories in seconds. It also allows you to setup your own submission service. It returns real-time submission reports and shows search engine replies to your submissions.

  • $85

This script allows you to automatically create a list of all HTML documents from your websites and promote it in the top search engines.

  • $100

Run your own promotion service. You can manage all of your members from the admin area and update the search engine database. This script submits to 260 search engines. Users can choose to submit their web site, create metatags and check their sites' popularity.

  • $175

This script lets your visitors or customers submit their web site to the top 250 search engines. Users can see all the search engine responses.

  • $115

This package allows you to fully automate your website submissions whether your purpose is to take care of your own submission needs only, or to offer submission services to other webmasters.

  • $35

This script will submit your site to the top 120+ search engines and directories in seconds. It is fully customizable and can easily be extended to support even more engines. It allows you to setup your own search engine submission service.

  • $44.95

This script does many things to assist you in getting your site indexed in the major search engines.

  • $300

This script submits a URL to 30 search engines. It has speed options and a real-time submission page.

  • Free

This script submits a URL to 50+ search engines with one click. Users can see actual search engines’ responses and check their site's popularity at AltaVista and Google. Submission process report is shown to users.

  • $14.99

This script will analyze your Meta Tags and try to use the same spider technology as the searche engines.

  • $199.95
Showing 1-13 of 13 Resources