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WebAdverts is a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site or for setting up a "banner exchange" between your site and others. WebAdverts keeps track of exposures and click-thrus for each banner, as well as of the average total number of exposures per day. Banners can be weighted to control how often they are displayed, and can automatically be expired from the rotation after a designated number of exposures, click-thrus or days.

  • $50

Set up your own banner exchange with this easy to use software. Features include uploading banners with size check, adjustable display ratios, bonus credits, automatic email features, multiple categories, auto configuration and more.

  • Free

CSBX is a free Banner Xchange script. It allows you to set the credit ratio, bonus credits, and a mini banner. New users are sent an activation code that allows them to automaticaly verify their account.

  • Free

Banner exchange programs that support advanced targeting, multiple banners and languages, a smart cheat analyzing system, and rich media ads. There are modules available for popup/text/swimbanner/startup exchanges,a counter and mailists. Includes backup functions, scheduled email stats and an integrated help system.

  • $300
  • $600

Make your own exit page exchange program. It features a member's area and stats, complete template HTML files and it's easy to install.

Free reciprocal link software on the basis of trading links or a free of all exchange.

  • Free

This script allows you to run your own traffic exchange. It works on a points system and the admin sets the number of points each ad type is worth. It supports banners, popunders and text ads in various formats.

  • $99

This system will only send traffic to sites that send you traffic. Creates a toplist of referring sites every day/hour or whenever you want with customizable HTML that you can add to your page with a simple SSI tag.

  • $100

Manage all aspects of this script through your browser. You never need to edit the code. Automate link exchange requests and approve or reject all link requests, view summary stats on the total number of links and clicks, create unlimited categories, email all link partners, and automatically verify return links from your partners.

  • $39.95

This script helps you keep track of exchanged links. You can add links to unlimited categories through a web-based admin panel. You can search the links list or display it in a simple one page format. You can also display a "Link of the Day" on any page with a server side include.

  • $9.99
Showing 1-10 of 10 Resources