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YourShop helps you to build an own affiliate network. It's easy to install and provides powerful features: unlimited numbers of associates, low CPU resources, easy to customize, and more!

  • $39

Ultimate Advertiser is the complete solution for setting up an affiliate program at your website. You can run a 1 tier, 2 tier, or pay-per-lead affiliate program. The administrative page gives you full control over your affiliates with email, tracking analysis, and a easy to use payout system that you can run from your browser. The affiliate control panel allows your members to view stats, get link code, track referrals, and change their user info.

  • $200

This script allows you to give your sales partners correct HTML code for Regsoft affiliate links. Their Regsoft IDs are automatically inserted into your sales link to ensure proper credit of an affiliate sale.

  • Free

Create your own Click-thru affiliate program. Designed to catch cheaters. Easy to setup. Offering real-time stats and MS Excel payday output. Highly configurable.

  • $100

A package of perl scripts to help you create a link affiliate program for your site. Very easy to use. It allows affiliates to link to you and keep track of clicks. It has 2 protection levels to count only unique visitors (by domain check + cookies). It helps with payment process by printing labels for envelopes to send payments. It allows also to send a message to all affiliates. Can work with any currency and click rate you define.

  • $35

With this script you can run pay per raw, pay per unique, commission per sale, flat per sale, recurring affiliate programs, or any combination of these. Offering detailed statistics, streamlined code, a low price, and a template driven layout. Extensive admin functions included.

  • $159

The only Internet Shopping Cart designed to allow others to earn commissions for promoting your products and services! Mutiply your sales instantly with an army of your Authorized Resellers! Commission Cart is the next generation of Internet E-Commerce, boasting not only a full-featured Shopping Cart but one of the most powerful Affiliate programs available. Includes real-time credit card processing!

  • $249

Run a PPC affiliate program to incentivize linking to your site. Control how much to pay per click for each individual affiliate. Quickly pay affiliates via PayPal. It uses IP detection to track clicks.

  • $39.95

This script lets you sell templates, logos and business cards direct from your site, earning a 35% commission. Features an advanced search system, fast MySQL database, a simple to customize template system and more.

  • $50

Outputs correct affiliate HTML code for affiliates quickly and easily.

  • Free

Start your own affiliate program with The Affiliate Program Software. The most complete affiliate program tracking & management software availaible. Supports two-tier systems, auto emails, and is completely flexible. Comes completely installed & customized for your business for one low price.

  • Commercial

A simple script that uses the XML feed from's affiliate program to display Adsense-styled ads on your page. Very easy to set up and implement. No SSI required, only one line of javascript.

  • Free

An advertising display script for use with's affiliate program. Very easy to set up and implement. No SSI required, only one line of javascript.

  • Free

Easily create a commission-based affiliate program. Your members only make money when you make sales.

  • Free

An automated, MySQL backed, multiple mailing list affiliate system. Recruit webmasters to collect opt-in emails for your mailing lists and pay them for each confirmed, unique address.

Allows you to have the entire ClickBank Marketplace on your own site with your ClickBank Affiliate ID embedded into every link. It is easy to install and uses templates to keep the look of your site.

  • $15

An all in one pay per click, per lead and per sale script. It includes two-tiers and up to five levels. Based on a MySQL database. Includes an anti-fraud system, referral system, easy setup and more.

  • $150

Affiliate software providing short, domain branded affiliate links that count toward search engine link popularity.

Monitors traffic from search engines and other sites. Doubles as a visitor tracking system to determine the origin of sales. Daily email reports.

  • $39

A simple program to help you start your own affiliate program. Includes quick setup of new affiliates, unique ID for each affiliate, easy tracking of sales, and automatic creation of HTML banner codes.

  • $29.95

There are five ad positions in the promotion. The visitor signs up for the promotion and their message is posted at the top of the list. The visitor's message is then mailed to the four users beneath the surfer. He is then given a form code to place on all of his/her webpages.

  • Free

This script will help vendors increase link popularity and allow affiliates to link directly to your product page. Also, it will ensure affiliates that they will get their commissions because it has a built-in cookie checking module!

  • $39

An affilate automation program that features affiliate tracking, digital delivery, popups, autoresponders, website trackers and more.

  • Free

Allow affiliates to have instant copy and paste linking codes for your banners. They are sent to this script directly from your signup script, making it easy for them.

  • $35
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