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Version: 1.04

Released: Mar 14, 1997

Unix, Windows NT

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WebAssign allows teachers to create, deliver, and even grade assignments for students using the World Wide Web. This CGI program takes a set of questions you write for students, turns each question into an HTML form, and delivers the entire set as an assignment. Students listed on a class roster that you create receive the assignment, complete the work, and submit their responses on their web browsers. The CGI collects, stores, and grades all student responses; teachers may view the grades on each assignment at any time. The program allows you to ask multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, numerical, and essay questions, and all but essays are graded automatically. An easy interface is provided for you to grade all essay questions. Students may view answer keys at an appropriate time that you select.

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I'm a high school programming teacher and I say this script is really useful. It can be used for homework submission or for test taking. My only gripe is that it can't randomize the test questions to prevent students from glancing at each other's screen, but other than that it's pretty awesome.

Posted by Sparky9292 on Sep 21, 1999 Reply

Great for high schools, allows a student to login, take a test, and scores are submitted to the administrator (teacher).

Posted by h14me on Jan 07, 1999 Reply

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