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Allows you to build static search engine friendly HTML product pages for your online store or catalog. MySQL backend with HTML template driven product pages, easy to use administrative control panel, and integrates with any website design.

  • $595

This shopping cart allows you to offer special discounts to certain member groups and includes support for multiple shipping options, order history, product modifiers, gift certificates and more. It includes the Aardvark Catalog script.

  • $1499

Download multiple files of any file format. After the PayPal payment the downloads are accessed instantly via a web link or as an e-mail attachment. The admin interface includes a cart manager to maintain the data, PayPal button wizard, a transaction summary to view total earnings and downloads, and a report to review each transaction.

  • $50

PopOrder Form is a popup window, web order form, with all your products and prices listed in it. Presented in a interactive cash register receipt format. This combination of CGI/Perl and JavaScript makes for a more interactive shopping experience.

  • $39

Online shopping cart with an enhanced GUI for intuitive control. Features up to three tax calculations in various combinations, shipping charge calculation per order/unit/UPS, built-in payment gateways for WorldPay/Verisign/PayFlow/Link/ITransact, image or text buttons for cart controls, HTML template, eight formats for single page catalog and more.

  • $495

This internet store calculates price, tax and UPS delivery. Configurable templates for generated pages. Unlimited catalogs on same or different domains. Unlimited number of items per catalog. Dynamic catalogs that are managed and updated via web. Includes order tracking, auto upload/install of CGI and templates, product search, user login and more.

  • $495

A full featured shopping cart system that features SSL support, image uploading, multiple sales taxes, online order logs, customer and admin order confirmations, UPS and USPS real-time shipping, unlimited custom shipping logic, handling fees, product options, flexible order forms, flatfile database with import/export and more.

  • Free

Integrate price calculation and order submission to your PayPal account.

  • $35

This software supports all major shopping cart functionalities, such as an automatically maintained storefront, inventory management, shipping rates calculator, discount pricing, digital goods delivery mechanism and discount coupons. Software provides very flexible HTML templates, allowing easy integration into your website.

  • Free

You can add, update and search any products with a web based interface. Each product can have an image. The software will calculate order numbers, shipping charge and sales tax automatically.

Shopping cart software that is built on a flatfile database. It generates static HTML pages so that search engines can index the site, but the information on these pages is updated immediately with changes. It features auto-creating of META tags, an RSS feed users can subscribe to and more.

  • $44.99

For companies offering hosting services. This script allows the client to configure hosting options and then make an order for a default or custom hosting plan.

  • $89.95

An enhanced ImageFolio Pro that adds a shopping cart, customer and order database, and transaction abilities. You control currencies, pricing, shipping, taxation, style, and more. Works with AuthorizeNet, PayPal, and manual credit card transactions.

  • $749

This shopping cart allows you to create your own custom order forms and calculate costs in real time. All fields are stored, searchable and updatable via the admin section. Includes customized/personalized autoresponders and requires no cookies.

  • $80

A script that utilizes the Moneybookers Merchant Payment Interface to accept payment for your software and instantly email the software to them.

  • $20

A complete e-commerce solution that provides all you need to create, operate, and maintain an online store. It includes easy-to-use forms for managing product information, a built-in search engine and flat-file database, an interface to Authorize.Net, it's own affiliate tracking system, upload abilities, and more.

  • $229

A professional internet store which organizes eCommerce at the highest level.

  • $80

A script that can be used to take advantage of PayPal's IPN feature. You can display a listing of products on your website. Features include search, multiple paged product listing, contact engine and more.

  • Free

Set up your website to accept orders and process instant credit card/paypal transactions. No database setup required, Order Manager lets you create regular HTML Pages/Forms which you can add any product / service you offer to be purchased.

  • $99.99

This e-commerce solution includes three different shopping carts with an integrated customer order manager and online catalog builder.

  • Free

An anti-fraud and data-saving program. The package 'bookends' an order placed via a third-party credit-card processor or your own shopping cart. It saves more customer data, bars many free webbased email providers, bars anonymous proxy services, saves to a flat-file database for import, emails you the raw database entry and more.

  • Free

This script can create unlimited shops. The entrepreneur can administer his kiosk online through his browser. From putting in product info to uploading the product picture, everything is fill-in-the-blanks simple.

  • $499.95

This script will allow you to use CafePress' shopping cart abilities and place your own design around your products. Includes caching, templates, multiple-storeid stores, multiple sites with one installation and easy integration.

  • $19.77

Easy to use, easy to install store front manager. Add, edit or delete products in your categories with a click of a button. Complete search on product name or keyword search on description. Control all colors and fonts as well as graphics and table sizes.

  • Free

A low maintance, user friendly electronic catalogue. It sets up all the catalogue pages for you. All you need to do is file a simple comma separated file with your part descriptions and prices and InnoCat does the rest. It includes a script to process orders, write orders to a file or sending a confirmation email to the buyer and seller.

  • $20
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