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Released: Sep 30, 1996

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Matt's Script Archive: SSI Random Image Displayer

Server Side Include Random Image Displayer is a slightly extended version of the original, and more simple Random Image Displayer. This version allows you to have a random image appear together with its corresponding random link, as well as a few more configurable options, including alt text, border size, alignment and more.

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Very easy to configure with text, script and the rest. Quick to get running.

Posted by Cardflourishes on May 16, 2001 Reply

Another good script by Matt. Easy to setup and run.

Posted by dilligaf on Mar 26, 2000 Reply

It's Matt's script -- what more can you say.

Posted by Dann on Feb 12, 2000 Reply

I have tried others and to be honest, Matt's was the easiest and quickest to set up... And the finished results are better!!!

Posted by Shorty_Da_Pimp on Jul 12, 1999 Reply

Very good script with SSI... It works smoothly and is very easy to setup!

Posted by HueCity on Jun 26, 1999 Reply

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