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Password Sentry is the invaluable tool for every webmaster. Now you have an affordable and reliable tool to protect your site. Password Sentry will automatically delete users whose password has been used by different IP addresses. Guaranteed to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Real-time statistics allow you to monitor IP usage as it occurs. Fully featured with admin interface. Lots of extras included.

  • $99.95

This is an extremely powerful and secure password protection system. It uses .htaccess or .nsconfig files for ultimate security. Includes an admin and members area, stats, and a long list of member and admin features.

  • Free

Account Manager LITE is designed to offer completely hands-free maintenance of your membership websites. Offering things like automated signup, admin approval, mailback-confirmations, Account Finder for lost passwords, and much more. Professional version also available.

  • Free

Allows you to create multiple areas requiring different passwords on your site. Keeps track of membership duration and removes expired users automatically.

  • $95

Membership management software with e-commerce integration, affiliate system, helpdesk, digital file delivery, content management and online shop.

  • $129

A full user management system with multiple levels of protection, user management, auto-user removal, password reminder, easy installation, full customization and more. Includes a webbased admin panel and requires no .htaccess.

  • $59

A management system that allows the user to administer both .htaccess and .htpasswd files to add and remove users. Allows administration of an unlimited number of .htaccess and .htpasswd files within a particular users account/server.

  • Free

A dynamic solution for providing security services for your website. It features an integrated admin panel where members can be easily locked down, activated, deleted, or suspended. Other features include paypal IPN member activation, member bulk emailer, multiple .ht packages, a member's control panel and more.

  • $39.99

Administer one or multiple areas of your website using .htaccess or nsconfig authentication. Supported on 99% of Unix based websites. Features include specific level access per account, auto or approval of registered accounts, customized emails, auto-renewal and expiration of users and much more.

  • $79.99

A powerful account and protected area manager for managing an unlimited number of protected areas. Unlimited members, password synchronizations, password/id restrictions, access auto-expire, approvals, and more.

  • $50

Membership management including automated signup, email verification, automated .htaccess and .htpasswd management, mass mail, password retrieval, multiple access levels, single user mode for database backup and maintenance, and legacy .htaccess databases preservation.

  • $49.95

A full-featured password/membership management system with four modules: registration, login, re-direction and a web panel. It is very easy to secure HTML files using a PHP Wrapper or a CGI Redirect Script. Features include the creation of an expiry date upon registration, checking the expiry date upon login or via any page re-direct, and more.

  • $50

This script is a very simple form of web site password protection. Instead of directing people to your main html file, you use this script as a filter to verify users for the password to gain access. If the password is accepted, then the script automatically takes the browser to the "protected" web page.

  • Free

Pennywize is a script which will completely protect your website from password traders and brute force attacks. Simple to install and very effective.

  • $29.95

Web based manager that makes it easy to manipulate users and groups inside .htpasswd and .htgroup files. Allows you to add/delete users, add/delete groups, assign/remove user to group, and add your own language.

  • Free

Run an automated online members only area on your website. It features auto signup or require admin approval, email notification of new members, members can update their own details, automatic password/username retrieval, unique passcode prevents bookmarking, add/edit/delete members, and much more.

  • $55 (AUD)

The advanced version of mojoProtector. It allows you to protect unlimited directories with multiple access lengths and prices. Easy to set up and very customizable.

  • $99.99

Complete auto-membership management system utilizing .htaccess. It features three registration options: auto-validation, email-validation, or admin-approval. It includes complete ticketing support for tracking members' requests or inquiries.

  • $99.95

Create a members' area without knowing how to program. This script is made for novices who simply need a member's area to provide information or downloadable files. You just need to create individual files for each page you want in the members area.

  • $12.50

Authentication system that allows web pages or CGI scripts to be password protected. It includes user registration with optional fields for user details, logging of user activities, automatic recovery of lost passwords, template and CSS integration, option to maintain a .htaccess file for Apache security and more.

  • Free

A secure system for web sites that defends against brute force attacks and password sharing. It is invulnerable to referer spoofing, compatible with Windows™ Media Player 9, allows secure links between domains, has an integrated anti-slurp API, is compatible with all CC processors and AVSs, and more.

  • $65

An automated system for creating and maintaining apache style .htaccess files to password protect directories. Add, modify, and delete protection to any directory. Unlimited directory usage and webbased admin included.

  • $35

csMembership is a MySQL driven user management program built around PayPal's subscription services. csMembership interfaces with PayPal to allow for automated user sign-up, cancellations, and reoccurring billing. Free installation.

  • $149

A powerful manager of htpasswd, htgroups and htaccess files to manage restricted directories, users, groups and hosts. Features inuitive navigation, delete users, change passwords, temporarily disable access for list of users or groups and more.

  • $14.95

A MySQL driven user management program built around PayPal's subscription services to allow for automated user sign-up, cancellations, and reoccurring billing. It can also be used as a stand alone user management system to password protect directories. Includes admin area to add/remove/delete users and set them to active/inactive.

  • $99
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Showing 1-25 of 43 Resources