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    Daily Notes

    Have tips or quotes on your site automatically and periodically updated.
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    Dictionaries and Glossaries

    Maintain an online dictionary or glossary with these scripts.
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    Environment Variables

    Display server environment variables and statistics with these small scripts.
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    Automatically generate various items such as unique names or phrases.
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    Link Verification

    These scripts verify links throughout your web site and help get rid of 404's.
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    Meta Tags

    These scripts generate or alter META tags for your users or your web sites.
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    These scripts have functions specifically designed for religious sites.
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    Server Side Include Parsing

    CGI scripts which emulate Server Side Include capabilities.
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    Spam Prevention

    Use these scripts to tease spam robots or prevent getting e-mail spammed.
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This is a handy tool that checks websites and sends you an email when the site is updated. Includes page file size, date stamp, and site performance in email. Includes a web-based admin panel.

  • $39
Showing 76-76 of 76 Resources