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    Daily Notes

    Have tips or quotes on your site automatically and periodically updated.
  • 2
    Dictionaries and Glossaries

    Maintain an online dictionary or glossary with these scripts.
  • 1
    Environment Variables

    Display server environment variables and statistics with these small scripts.
  • 2

    Automatically generate various items such as unique names or phrases.
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    Link Verification

    These scripts verify links throughout your web site and help get rid of 404's.
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    Meta Tags

    These scripts generate or alter META tags for your users or your web sites.
  • 8

    These scripts have functions specifically designed for religious sites.
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    Server Side Include Parsing

    CGI scripts which emulate Server Side Include capabilities.
  • 2
    Spam Prevention

    Use these scripts to tease spam robots or prevent getting e-mail spammed.
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Better manage your 404 File Not Found and 500 Internal Server Error pages. You can fully customize the look of your error pages and track what caused the error. It even allows your visitors to leave feedback when they experience an error, helping you catch problems quicker.

  • Free
  • $24.99

A POP3 email account polling script. A workaround for servers without email piping.

  • $4.95

This Script creates an HTML page combining Forms and a Table that together duplicate and extend the functions of the old-fashioned department sign-out board. The Form recursively invokes the Script as the IN/OUT Board is updated.

  • $90

This program converts CGI input data to XML, eases web-enabling of legacy applications, lets you call unlimited commands, accepts file uploads, lets you return any valid MIME type, supports cookie data access, and is designed with security and ease of use in mind.

  • $495

This script delivers the page rank value for every URL indexed by Google.

  • Free

A simple, yet flexible web-based address book system. It lets people search the address book, look up entries alphabetically, or add themselves to the directory (optional setting). The admin may delete entries and change the admin password.

  • $49

A calculator that uses the Harris-Benedict equation to determine your Resting Metabolic rate and, based on your lifestyle, approximately how many calories you burn per day. It also tells you your Body Mass Index.

  • Free

This script will automatically translate for you. Features include on-the-fly translation, engine updates, over 30 supported languages, and an HTML code wizard.

  • Free

This cloaking script increases your listings in search engines.

  • $33

This script shows the date and time when the HTML document was last modified.

  • Free

Wilma is a flexible, Web-based list manager; with it, you can do everything from administering a 'What's New' list to allowing users to submit, edit and delete classified ads. It can be used for maintaining bookmark lists or even administering the primary index of an intranet or internet Web site.

  • Free

This script will transpose text chord charts up or down. You can choose how many half-steps to move and in which direction.

  • $14.95

A set of scripts that enable an academic department to accept, manage, review, and annotate job applications. Features easy submission, auto-generation of acknowledgement letters, email notification, admin of recommendation letters, password protection, and group based evaluation.

  • Free

An easy-to-use and cross-browser "web desktop environment" that comes with a set of applications. It is available as Open Source software under the GPL.

  • Free

A party signup board with easy signup and deletion, easy integration into other pages with SSI, and a seperate version with password protection.

This script creates the electronic equivalent of a wedding gift registry. Once an item is claimed, it is no longer available to other guests to prevent duplicate gifts. This script also has the option of automatically emailing all guests about the registry and how to use it, as well as an option to run as either a single use script, a mall use script service or both.

A very powerful, feature packed instant reservation system designed to allow hotels, motels, B&B and other accommodation providers to easily add a professional online booking system to their site. It features an efficient, intelligent, highly customizable and crisp clean design.

  • £499

Allow your visitors to automatically install and configure Perl/CGI scripts from your website directly onto their own websites in seconds.

  • $29.95

A party signup board with easy registration, password protection and web-based setup. It does not require SSI.

  • Free

This program will let teachers log the number of students that will be attending an event, or just daily attendance numbers. The admin can set up a list of teachers and reset the numbers. The labels for teacher, class and number of students can be changed for use with any headcount needs.

  • Free

A complete time management system with a web interface. Flexible and easy to use.

  • $400

A Perl development environment with a multi-file syntax-highlighting editor, web utilities such as one-click FTP upload, upload and execute on server, testing to in-line text pane or web browser, built-in web server, MySQL integration, module installer, auto form-filling and environment variable emulation, code templates and more.

  • $49.95

A combination single or double opt-in email subscription, tell-a-friend and slot-machine program. You can set odds of winning and offer prizes. Bogus-looking addresses can be deleted easily. Saves names and email addresses to a flat-file database for easy import to your mailing program.

  • Free

Allow others to access their address books from anywhere. It is completely template driven for style customization and uses custom security methods to prevent unauthorized viewing.

  • Commercial

This script will stop bots, site rippers, leech programs, password hurlers, and hot-linkers and it cloaks HTML code and disables copy, save and print abilities.

  • Free
Showing 51-75 of 76 Resources