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WebHints is a fun little script which allows you to easily set up and maintain a "Hint (Quote/Tip/Joke/Whatever) of the Day" page. Addition of new entries is simple, and the script automatically "turns over" the display the first time it is referenced each day. Old entries are kept on file and may be searched and displayed, as well.

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Very cool and easy to set up.

Posted by Tiffiny on Feb 10, 2001 Reply

Great script. The rotating content makes this an ideal package to get return visitors. The script is easy to administer and there are email reminders to add more Joke-of-the-Days, (or Hint of the Day, etc.). I'd recommend this script because it is pretty easy and quick and it is a good way to keep your site fresh.

Posted by Curt on Aug 31, 2000 Reply

Not real glamourous. Author assumes that you know CGI already, so not ideal as a first script to try. Flexible when you get into the code. Nice features, but could have better admin interface with more flexibility.

Posted by hackerjack on Jan 22, 2000 Reply

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