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    Daily Notes

    Have tips or quotes on your site automatically and periodically updated.
  • 2
    Dictionaries and Glossaries

    Maintain an online dictionary or glossary with these scripts.
  • 1
    Environment Variables

    Display server environment variables and statistics with these small scripts.
  • 2

    Automatically generate various items such as unique names or phrases.
  • 7
    Link Verification

    These scripts verify links throughout your web site and help get rid of 404's.
  • 3
    Meta Tags

    These scripts generate or alter META tags for your users or your web sites.
  • 8

    These scripts have functions specifically designed for religious sites.
  • 1
    Server Side Include Parsing

    CGI scripts which emulate Server Side Include capabilities.
  • 2
    Spam Prevention

    Use these scripts to tease spam robots or prevent getting e-mail spammed.
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Get back your anonymity while visiting websites and speed-up Internet access by removing ad banners and dangerous script parts. It features high anonymity via a proxy gateway system, and customizable preferences and anonymity levels; removes ad banners, scripts and cookies; sends anonymous web mails; and more.

  • €99

Submit your Netscape bookmarks file to this script and it will return a full expandable Javascript tree with all your links. You can then copy this to your web site to have a neat way to share your bookmarks. Install the CGI script and let your users do it too!

  • Free

This script allows you to display contact information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and URLs for your dealers, contacts, sales reps, associations, members or store locations around the US. Includes a webbased admin menu where you can add/edit/delete/hide any record in the database.

  • $29.95

Fully user friendly interface for adding or updating job listings.

  • $150

Uses ZIP codes to find cities, distances and zip codes within a radius.

  • $179.95

A web-based, groupware suite that includes: Wiki, Email, Documents, Calendar, Tasks, Fax, Contacts, Notes, Links and more. The power of collaboration comes in when these individual suite components are shared and used within a group.

  • Free

This script takes an input IP address and converts it to the LongIP address.

  • $25

A highly customizable online telephone book. Allow your visitors to find information such as telephone numbers and addresses of people.

  • Commercial

Offer your users interactive bookmarks in which they can store, annotate, arrange and share their bookmarks using multiple categorized folders. The script allows you to serve highly targeted banners based on currently selected folder's category.

  • $19.95

An easy to use scroller that can be used to display site updates, news and more. Easily adjust the scoll speed, direction, window size and other attributes with the config file. Images and other multimedia elements can also be added.

  • $7.95

This script can make consistent changes across a series of files. It even searches subdirectories. You specify the text to find and the text to replace it with, then the script will open up each file on your server, search for the original text block and replace it with the specified replacement text.

  • $39

This script can be used to track where your layouts or other digital goods are being used. It includes a full, password-protected admin panel and an easy to use installer.

  • Free

Translator of witnesses in several combinations of languages.

  • €80

This script allows users of eBookPro to allow their readers to register their books easily on the web.

  • $100

Earn money from advertising agencies who want to publish online coupons. A special section allows them to organize campaigns. It features searching and browsing, top and new coupon display, credit card processing, a coupon maker, stats and more.

  • $200

This script includes a complete song list selection system, wedding event details, party event details, and a user login and admin section for client management. Your clients can supply all the information for their event online for you to easily manage. Includes a built-in email blaster to email them.

  • $50

This script uses a MySQL backend to store address's, email, contacts, phone and other information related to each contact. It features multiple addresses, emails, phone numbers, contacts, and a description for each. It is easy to add and delete contacts, and you can use an avatar to describe yourself. Password protected with the Blowfish encryption.

  • Free

This script sends an automatic email notification whenever your site is visited. It also tells which search engine crawler is indexing your site.

  • Free

Teamspeak Status allows you to display in real-time the users and channels being used on a voice chat server called Teamspeak.

  • Free

This script blocks predefined IPs from accessing your web pages.

  • Free

This program compares and renews files and clients in a MySQL database. It features full collation of directories and files with definition of resolutions and also full collation of database structures: tables, fields and keys.

  • $130

An easy to use and generic eBook publishing system that can be used to create and publish manuals, tutorials, stories and more. It includes a dynamic menu system, graphics libraries and more.

  • $14.95

This tool allows you to easily break apart big scripts into individual files, each containing a subroutine from the original file. A required file is also built for you to add it's contents into a new file, allowing the file to run in its "broken" state.

  • Free

Allow your visitors to add their great recipes to your site.

  • $45
  • $75

A simple script that selects which style sheet to use based on which browser a visitor is using. It can also be used to seemlessly redirect users based on their browser to specific HTML pages. Requires SSI.

  • Free
Showing 1-25 of 76 Resources