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    Automatically respond to visitor enquiries with these scripts.
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    List Cleaning

    Clean up your mailing list by deleting duplicate entries, validating entries and more.
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An opt-in email database manager and autoresponder. Unlimited mailing lists, message codes, hit counting, and more. Interactive online demo.

  • $195

This script includes all the features of NP Subscriber and adds unlimited lists, batch subscription, Unix-based OS timeout prevention, HTML and plain text messages, unlimited additional information fields, unsubscribe confirmation, webbased activation and unsubscription, query based subscription, archive resending, a plugin feature and more.

  • Free

Display multiple email addresses by category. It features auto-linking with mailto or HTTP, a CSV-formatted data file, duplication prevention and more.

This program helps you manage and use your contact lists more effectively. Features self-installation, hybrid messages w/inline graphics, HTML converter, snapshot to save/reload messages, archive publisher (dynamic index), message preview, opt-in activator, auto-welcome email, single-click opt-out, Language plug-ins, multiple list manager, list cleaner, style customization, and more.

  • $189

A simple to install and use script that allows your visitors to add their email address to your mailing list. You can then send email to the entire list from one form.

  • Free

A quick and simple solution to add a mailing list to your web site. It was created to be very easy to install and comes with an extensive admin panel, subscription form, a mailer to mail members, confirmation email, export/import of email addresses, customizable HTML/email templates for subscription and unsubscription, and more.

  • Free

A simple way to manage your email list. Run multiple lists with one script. Allow your visitors to specify HTML or Text format. Save your email templates for later use. Optional email confirmation to avoid abuse. Requires Sendmail.

  • $24.95

A newsletter with user subscribe/unsubscribe. Includes an admin to add/remove addresses and send the newsletter and a style sheet to customize browser output.

  • Free

Build an integral mailing list service site that will allow your visitors to signup, confirm their registration and then copy/paste the mailing list HTML code. They can control their own lists through the members area.

  • Free

One of the secrets to a successful web site is bringing visitors back to your site. One of the best ways to do that is by keeping in touch with your visitors with a mailing list. Fortuna is a great mailing list program that is easy to setup and use.

  • Free

Easily manage an opt-in mailing list on your website. Visitors can opt out without any site owner interaction. Import and export your mailing list members. Includes a new online control panel and free installation.

  • $99.95

Send mass emails to people who have subscribed to your list.

  • $25

Unlimited lists, a simple point-and-click interface, browser-based customization and free installation make CommunityMail a dream for anyone who wants to host hassle-free mailing lists. But list-imports, automatic unsubscription, email verification, private lists, optional demographics and mail-merges make it perfect for power-users.

  • $199

Multilingual list management that allows visitors to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe to your mailing list. Allows up to ten lists and personalized outgoing messages. Includes a small ad at the end of outgoing messages.

  • Free

This mailing list manager allows you to include up to three attachments with each message. Mail merge technique customizes each message. Upload the mailing list, exclude list and attachments. Built in config utility and control panel.

  • $39

A versatile and powerful mailing list manager to create, manage and send messages to your mailing lists. Users can also register for their own accounts, letting them create and manage their own lists.

  • $500

Feature packed, multiple admin, multiple mailing list manager with subscriber and admin login. Features an advertising module, joint venture lists, HTML mail, file attachments, search engine, dynamic lists, send a web page, extensive settings and a form generator.

  • $147
  • $397

Sol says, "This script provides a user interface for browsers to add their names to your mailing list as well as a web based administrator's interface so that you can send mass mailings to those who have signed your list."

  • Free

A quick and simple solution to add a mailing list to your web site. Created to be very easy to install. Comes with an extensive admin panel, subscription form, a mailer to mail members, confirmation email, export/import email addresses, customizable HTML/email templates subscription/unsubscription responses and more.

  • Free

A mailing lists manager that works on most platforms and is easy to install and setup. It supports unlimited lists, subscribers, HTML, attachments, background message delivery, automatic subscribe/unsubscribe, pending dispatches and more.

  • $35.95

Email marketing software for broadcasting email campaigns which drive traffic to your website and telephone from a template that is emailed to your address list. Free trial version available.

  • £45

This mailing list features double opt in/out, HTML and Text support, file attachments, a hit counter, bounce filter, unlimited autoresponders, support for multiple Admins, twenty customizable fields and more.

  • $150
  • $700

This script includes member subscribe/unsubscribe, bulk or single add emails, delete, list, backup and confirmation subscription email. No ads in mail sent to members.

  • $18

This is a relatively simple mailing list script with several advanced features.

  • Free

WebGenie Mail*Wiz is an incredibly versatile program that enables you to personalise a mass mail-out to look like it is addressed individually for each recipient.

  • $49
Showing 26-50 of 52 Resources