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    Headers and Footers

    Using SSIs, these programs insert HTML at the top or bottom of web pages.
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    Menu Creation

    Create nested lists and trees for your website, to aid in navigation.
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    Printer Friendly

    These programs create a seperate version of a webpage that is designed for easy printing.
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    Table Creation

    Create HTML tables on the fly from databases or using forms.
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If you need to generate pages with the same look but different content, this will help. Simply put tags in your HTML template document and send it to this script. It will generate a form for you to fill in values, then return the completed HTML document with your values filled in. Works great for letting staff or employees create web pages with their own content without knowing how to format them.

  • Free

This script helps you determine the correct syntax for an SSI tag. Drop it in the same directory as the file being called via SSI and CHMOD 755 then run it in your browser. Program will display a variety of tag syntax for each file in that directory.

  • Free

A full-featured, open-source content management and publishing system. Features highly configurable admin, workflow, permissions, templating, server-neutral output, distribution, and document management.

  • Free

Manage the static content of your websites. Content is described in a secure admin interface as the hierarchy of folders, documents and includable text fragments mirroring the structure of the website. The site is then generated according to the described rules.

  • Free

Manage multiple files on multiple websites in a WYSIWYG editor. Multiple users can be created to update specific pages, or even portions of a page!

  • $50
  • $100

An easy way to enable HTML pages for content management. Simply add custom CMX tags to your pages, upload them to your server, login to Sitebasics.net, and you can update your content from any browser connected to the Internet.

  • $4.95
  • $9.95

Completely automatic and fully cloaked dynamic site creater. No files created and no server space taken up. Search engine specific capabilities and fully random option.

  • $350

What this script does is very simply put. It mass produces websites, and gets them in the major search engines all in one shot.

  • $225

A web template system that quickly and easily permits you to set up and maintain an extensive and well organized site.

  • $79
Showing 1-9 of 9 Resources