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Released: Feb 06, 1997

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BBMatic BBS for the Web

This script runs a simple Bulletin Board System. A user can post a question or comment and followup responses can be attached. The script inserts the newest items at the top, creates separate pages to store the followups and links them to the original posting. E-Mails the original user when a followup is posted to their comment/question.

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Easy to set up multiple forums and easy to cusomize. It's not really threaded - meaning you can answer only to the first subject - not the comments. But I like it and I use it!

Posted by Fritz on Feb 17, 2001 Reply

This is a really cool script! If you aren't a newbie in all this perl stuff, this must be your choice! It works totally great for me and is so much better than other free scripts.

Posted by Berimbau on Jul 04, 2000 Reply

It's a bit confusing, but if you know a little bit about setting up CGI scripts, you probably won't have any trouble...

Posted by KnightKrawler on Feb 14, 1999 Reply

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