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AddrBook is a simple web-based address book system. You can choose the database fields, search by field or alphabetically, add and delete records, and more.

  • Free

This script allows you to search for a person (substring) in a flat file phone directory. The script then returns the results matching the search criteria.

Run an internet rolodex service site. Allow users to signup for their very own rolodex. Admin has control over the site and all config options, while users can add, edit, and delete entries to their own rolodex.

  • $100

Add quotes to a database and allow this script to parse and display the quotes. Easy to use and maintain.

  • $50

This script makes converting a flat file database to a MySQL database easier.

  • Free

A database of US addresses and corresponding geographical coordinates. It can be used to find the location of any given address or to calculate distance between two addresses. It consists of 30,000,000 records.

  • $200

A complete, web-based application for the booking and management of rooms and facilities. Ideal for schools, hotels, conference centres and more.

  • $749

A customizable glossary system with a template driven style output. Easily import a database of terms. Keeps a list of 'not found' words. It is CUF compliant and includes formattable text, images and links.

  • $23

pssRecruit is a web-based job board to recruit employees. Recruiters can work from anywhere, any time and it enables applicants to easily find and apply for your positions. The interface is customizable to support your branding, banner advertisements and language choice.

  • Free

VirtualCatalog is an add-on to VirtualCart Shopping Cart Service. VirtualCatalog is an on-line product management system which enables the administrator to easily add or update a database of items and categories through a web browser. VirtualCatalog was designed to meet the needs of site developers and merchants who demand more advanced features without sacrificing ease-of-use while seeking to build a professional, yet affordable storefront. Balancing ease-of-use with flexibility in design, site designers can develop page and product layout templates to meet their needs.

  • $199

FLATTEXT Zip Code Locator is a perl script that display the closest records to any U.S. zip code entered. This script is ideal for dealer directories, people and store locators, or any other type of database that contains a zip code field. Allows you to select the number of miles to limit search to, number of records to display per page, and total number of records to display per search.

  • $80

Integrates into any e-postcard site and works alongside any postcard script to give users their very own personal address book to store and manage names and emails. Automatically inserts selected contact info and user's own name and email into pre-existing postcard forms.

  • $49.95

MedLink is a CGI Medical database and analysis program. Ideal for any medical site; from general medical sites to specific sites such as optometry sites, cancer sites, cardiovascular sites, even vetenerian sites. Easy to use database allows you to enter symptoms, diagnosis names and the URL that corresponds to the diagnosis. The URL can be an HTML file,a text file, a specific site, a downloadable file, etc. Also includes a cardiovascular risk assessment module, an ideal weight module and a lifespan calculator.

  • $24.95

If you've ever used the free program TreePad, and tried to export it to HTML, you will have seen how disappointing this output is. iTreePad ensures the integrity of your tree, allowing people to browse all nodes and articles just like the real thing. Allows for muliple files, password protection, online editing of articles and more.

  • $9.99

Create a list of vocabulary words and definitions so that your students can look them up online. A student enters a word into the form and the program will display all entries containing that word with all occurrences of the word in strong text. It comes with HTML forms for searching for terms, as well as adding and deleting terms.

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