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A fully featured help desk ideal for companies with more than one technician and several users. Includes email submissions, staff logging, knowledge base, user registration, and more.

  • $39.99

WonderDesk is a fully automated help desk for the web. Increase your level of customer support by keeping your incoming support calls organized and allowing your customers to track the progress/solution to their support request. This web based trouble call system completely automates your incoming support request process!

  • $499

Web based customer support script that centralizes all support requests and allows you to provide fast and efficient support from any computer. Supports multiple technicians, self correcting installation, template driven pages and more.

  • $199

Feature-rich mail and trouble ticket software to improve your customer relationship management, pre-sale and support inquiries or to organize your company's communication flow. It features online/offline communications, mail import and management via POP3 accounts, attachment support, live support and more.

  • $99

Trouble ticket software with a simple yet powerful help desk. It features correspondence tracking, email alerts, unlimited operators and highly customizable HTML and email templates.

  • Free

Allow visitors to chat with you instantly. You can also watch your visitors move around your site. You will know who is revisiting, who you have chatted with previously and be ready to offer them appropriate help and advice.

  • $99

Fully automated web based help desk. Features unique ticket number assigned to every request, unlimited forwarding for escalation and additional info requests, chat style comments to facilitate internal correspondence, searchable case study database, templates based customization, and easy setup.

  • $99.95

This script will help you handle request from users. It allows you to get messages from a POP3 account and store them in a database. Features stats, a personal header/footer, ticket IDs, standard replies, FAQ generation and more.

  • Free

A simple support request tracking script. It allows users to submit problems with their hosting accounts and admin to easily see and resolve problems.

  • $100

This script will help you get rid of typos on your site. When your visitor finds a typo on your web pages, she can just select that portion of text that contains the typo and click the small floating icon to report it to you.

  • $18

A web-based ticket support system that features unlimited operators, CAPTCHA image spam deterrent, and a clean and easy to use interface.

  • $29.95

Helpdesk XP does not use "Assign/Completed" to segregate tickets. Closing of tickets is not needed. Past tickets are automatically placed at the bottom of the ticket list while newest tickets are placed on top. Also, active tickets (old tickets with subsequent replies) are again moved to the top.

  • Free

This script lets your users send a problem report. The problem is given a unique ticket number and saved to a flat file database. The admin recieves an email informing them that a ticket has been posted. The admin can comment the ticket and change it's status. Customers receive emails when the status of the ticket has changed.

  • $20

A complete support system that allows your customers to follow the status of their tickets online. It includes built in user management, announcements, known issues and FAQ lists, and several commumication options to exchange information between support team members and customers.

  • Free

Full featured customer support system. Assigns tickets, keeps discusson threads and is fully searchable. Also supports image uploading and IP access security.

  • $69.95

A web-based help desk solution that allows IT staff and managers to track and support the computer systems in their organization. It features asset tracking, vendor information, a service request system, parts inventory, RFQ module, bulk uploading of assets via delimited text, ticket approvals and more.

  • Commercial

A feature rich web-based help/support desk system. Manage support requests and questions from customers with ease. It eliminates any spam-related problems when dealing with customers or potential customers. It comes with fully customizable customer control panels, admin panel, support staff access levels and more.

  • $299

This software can run unlimited follow-up autoresponders for your web site. Includes text and HTML messages, file attachments, personalization, subscriber tracking, one-off messages, filtering, importing, exporting, and a built in affiliate program.

  • $149

Provide one-to-one live chat with your visitors while online. It features an admin screen to view all help requests, easy on/off of live help, multiple help requests support, enquiry form conversion when offline, customizable colors and more.

  • $55 (AUD)

Allow visitors to contact you via live chat by simply clicking a button that says whether you are online or not.

  • $49

With Pop Service installed on your site you can provide real time live customer service for your customers, clients, users, etc.

  • $69.95

A support ticket helpdesk that can manage emails from an email gateway via aliases, POP3 with crontab login, or manual POP3 login when the admin is accessed. Users receive an auto-response when sending emails or see ticket info if using web-based form mail. They can view ticket status online using their email or ticket number.

  • Free

Manage your customer records. Keep their particulars, credit card information, contact details and other remarks. It supports bulk emailing to all customers.

  • $34.95

This script queues customer inquiries and forwards each ticket via email to the operator that first claims ownership over it. A solution for service agents that do not have a permanent connection to the Internet or prefer corresponding with customers using an email program rather than a web-based help desk.

  • Free
Showing 1-24 of 24 Resources