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The CGI Script Center is designed for those building and/or expanding an online business. Unix and Windows NT/95 versions of programs like Account Manager, PC Configurator, Bandwidth Protector, Subscribe Me, PicLink Advertiser, and much more.

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This company has offered poor support from the very first day I ordered the Account Manager Pro script. I had to e-mail back and forth to support at least 4 times before I was even able to start installing the script. The security measures they take are so excessive as to make the customer experience a very poor one. Now, I find that AMPro isn't even compatible with my merchant account. I'll have to go fight with them about a refund, I'm sure. All in all, this has been a terrible experience.

Posted by MissH on Oct 15, 2000 Reply

Top-quality scripts with great support via message board. Even with the free scripts, my questions were answered within a day.

Posted by loungemeister on Dec 27, 1999 Reply

After figuring out how it does everything, we love SubscribeIt Pro.

Posted by doit on Dec 21, 1999 Reply

Nice collection of useful scripts.

Posted by J4FGuardian on Oct 13, 1999 Reply

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