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NMS CGI Project

Secure, supported programs including formmail, guestbook and counters.

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My comments are too long to fit here. Bottom line, this is a professional program not a script.

Posted by 3gc on May 03, 2006 Reply

I only use the formmail script from this collection, but highly recommend it. It's by far the best formmail script (great added security features) I've found and is free!

Posted by ChrisC on Nov 25, 2002 Reply

This is an excellent program. It's secure, well written and easy to install. I am a programmer myself and this is the only script I would ever use to send email from forms unless I wrote the program myself. If you are downloading free scripts to learn from, you will learn good programming techniques from this one. Check out all nms scripts.

Posted by toxalot on Jun 24, 2002 Reply

These scripts are great. For ages I've known that Matt's scripts are rubbish, but I didn't know enough Perl to fix them. These guys really know their stuff.

Posted by cassandra on Mar 26, 2002 Reply

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