• $199
  • $19.95/mo

Version: 2.33

Released: Mar 17, 2002

Unix, Windows NT

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e-Classifieds: Standard Edition

This system includes photo ads with thumbnail scaling, context-sensitive help, ad review, private mail, send ad to a friend, forgotten password retrieval, automated maintenance routines, powerful search features and data integrity checks. Webbased control panel allows you to modify configuration and maintain user/ad database.

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I have been using the "Standard Edition" for a couple of years ($200.00). I haven't had any problems, and was seriously thinking about a further significant upgrade (1000.00 Pro version). Fortunately, I did finally have a question which should have been answered in a user's manual or something. They refused to answered it. Of course I am reconsidering the upgrade. This is not the only place I have heard of their non-existent support!

Posted by shoprat on Oct 10, 2004 Reply

It's been working for three years already and I have received no updates. The program is out-dated!

Posted by Chillnight on Apr 09, 2003 Reply

This is the worst script I ever bought, and one of the most expensive. Code had multiple bugs and was very poorly written. Most of the advertised features were vastly overhyped and any real customization (other then background color and font color) requires rewriting the code. Technical support was laughably bad.

Posted by PGT92 on Apr 09, 2003 Reply

It works well, but there are a few glitches. When you use Blat to send mail you get a bunch of code on the top of the screen above the HTML which looks bad and unprofessional. Also, they will not allow you to remove the e-Classifieds logo and link or they will forcably destroy the script.

Posted by danryan on Mar 11, 2003 Reply

Probably the best looking classifieds software I have seen, but the support is lacking a lot. I purchased the Standard Edition and had problems just after the 30 days. It seems that someone has abused the email support so now they are "punishing" everyone who buys their product. Who wants to pay $75+ just to ask a question?

Posted by myra on Oct 30, 2002 Reply

An awesome script. It does everything it claims to do and works without problems. I'm running it under Win2K and have tight security permissions and it was no real problem to get working. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, anyone can do it. The only downside is how they don't offer refunds if you can't get it working, and limited technical support.

Posted by DugMongrel on Jul 02, 2002 Reply

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