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Simple calendar on which to post and view events. Includes the option to repeat events daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

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A full featured event publishing solution. Features custom fields for each event, multiple user/calendar support, advanced recurring schedule options, a template based design, SSI and command-line support, search options, a plugin interface, event importing and more.

  • $50
  • $85
  • $350

WebCal allows you to create and maintain an interactive events calendar on your Web site. The script can create calendars for any desired month from 1601 to 2899 A.D.; events to be displayed are stored in an easily-maintained data file. Calendars can be viewed in standard table grid format or as simple text listings.

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Create, edit, and delete events with your browser. Features included: send email to recipients notifying them of events that have been added/modified/deleted, works with the https protocol and secure intranets, highlights the current day, supports unlimited calendars, users, and events, and it's JavaScript enhanced. Easy to customize and installs in minutes.

  • $46
  • $69

Allow users to sign up to receive auto-reminders by email about a date they choose. Users can select whether to be reminded only once, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-anually or annually and whether to be reminded any number of days in advance of that date, from one day to one year. Includes several user and admin features.

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Commercial web calendar software that features event types, multiple views and formats, repeating events, conflict resolution, event reminders, meta-calendars (combined calendars), searchable calendars, easy to use options (style, color, event urls, event images), and source code.

  • $50
  • $1200

A user friendly calendar program including multiple views, repeating events, event notification, address book, conflict checker, HTML templates, search engine, public and private events, event priority, member lists and profiles, category restrictions, news fader, full admin options, help files, and extensive documentation.

  • $79

Advanced calendar and event management on a MySQL backend that allows you to create, manage, customize and publish events on-the-fly via a web-based control panel. The events can be added online and approved by admins or added by admins later. Includes an HTML-editor.

Template driven hourly, daily and weekly calendars. Flat file or MySQL versions that support multiple calendars. Auto-booking form is generated so you receive booking emails.

  • $20
  • $200

An easy to install and navigate point and click interface allows visitors of your website to quickly know what events are planned. Several different calendar views, administration back-end, event searching and ease of customization make having an online calendar simple.

  • $39.99

Prospector is a online calendaring program that is similar to those found at Netscape and Yahoo. It has been written to run under mod_perl and use an SQL database using DBD/DBI.

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Sol says, "The groupware calendar allows multiple users to view, add to, modify and delete from a shared calendar. However, though clients can all see all of the scheduled events, only the poster of a message can modify that message. Newest feature includes the ability to manage multiple calendars with multiple userbases and events from one script."

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This script allows multiple users to add events to a calendar. Admin section provides an interface to setting up the database and allows you to modify/delete any users events, or the entire user. Color and style are customizable to match your site.

  • $19.95

A script for managing online events, updates, keeping an online journal and more. You can use a different background scene for individual months.

  • $24.95

Publish events, schedules or news to an online web calendar. An event can be posted over a period of time. Supports multiple sub-user accounts, each user with his own calendar. Can insert images into day cells. Category icons are also available.

  • $39.95

This script allows you to setup a system to automatically mail all your friends or members a birthday card. You can also run your own Birthday Reminder service.

  • $50

Customizable mini online monthly calendar displayed via SSI. Automatically list * number of coming events under the calendar, highlight the current date, allow multiple events per day and darken days with events.

  • Free

This program combines three scripts(calendar.pl, contacts.pl and tasks.pl) into a standard personal or workgroup organizer.

  • Free

Personal and group calendar system provides you and your members with the ability to share calendars with others while maintaining a private schedule. Increase the interactivity of your website and guarantee more involved and engaged visitors.

  • $799

Organizes your list of assignments. As one of two top level admins, you will be able to create tasks with instructions and comments, and have notifications automatically sent to assigned staff members. Selected staff may then log in, read about the new task, add to comments and change the current status of the task.

  • $50

A powerful webbased group scheduling system.

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  • $299

A webbased program to help you keep track of company events, meetings, birthdays, appointments, and more. Display the calendar on your site via SSI or JavaScript. It features recurring events, multiple day events and custom fields. It features recurring events, multiple day events and custom fields.

  • $49

A simple events calendar that automatically removes an entry after it has passed. Very simple to setup and use.

  • $35

Interactive calendars featuring dynamic calendar merging, multiple views and formats, repeating events, color customization, support for full HTML in event text and calendar headers and footers, popup text associated with any event, searching and filtering, multi-language support, flexible security model, and more.

  • $95
  • $395
  • $595
  • $995

An open source event calendar with a customizable UI that is controlled by HTML templates and CSS. It includes month, day, and single event views, and displays any number of events per day, sorted by time and summary. Events are editable. Fields include what, when, where and details. It supports multiple calendars.

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Showing 1-25 of 40 Resources